Organizing Your Tech

I don’t mean having a special drawer for your gadgets or plastic containers…I’m talking about what’s IN your gadgets.

As minimalists we have very tidy living areas because we don’t have things to cause us clutter. One great benefit to be a minimalist is when our space is clutter free it also clears up our minds. Something that can bring all that clutter back into our lives is our tech, which should help us be more organized. Right?

We might not realize it, but our laptops and cellphones can become very untidy. We might have tons of different documents all over our desktop, bunch on one time downloaded documents, apps galore. I know I do, and I’m continually cleaning up shop. I like to set aside at least one day out of my week to go through my computer and phone and just delete things I don’t need. Don’t overlook this, it can clutter up your mind just like physical clutter can.

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