I Can Do That…I Think

I’ve known about competitive eating for a while now because of Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competition and ever since Takeru Kobayashi made it popular. I’d catch him on ESPN or some news outlet, but that was the extent of my curiosity into competitive eating.

Takeru Kobayashi poses for a photo following his victory in a bunless hot dog eating competition in the Manhattan borough of New York
Takeru Kobayashi


So a couple of months ago I came across a YouTube video where this skinning appearing asian guy eats massive amounts of food – sometimes its in 1 minute or he times it, but either way, he eats it very. This guy was Matt Stonie. I came to find out that he was the #1 competitive eater (not sure if he is now, since he was recently de-throned at recent Nathan’s hot dog eating contest). This led to other YouTube researches and there are lots of YouTubers that have channels just like his where they eat massive amounts of food, but they might not all be competitive eaters, they do it for their YouTube channel. Whenever I watch these videos I usually think to myself :

“I can do that.”

“That doesn’t seem too hard.”

“I eat that much right now.” -just kidding

Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the channels I watch frequently on YouTube for all you foodies out there…but I’m sure you are already aware of these channel. Still, for those who are not, here you go:

  1. Matt Stonie
  2. Yuka Kinoshita
  3. Nathan Figueroa
  4. L.A. Beast
  5. Furious Pete

I guess you could say this is my “guilty pleasure.” 🙂

Side note: Just so you know, I watch only. LOL

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