“Who Speak for Earth?”

Why I have only read this book now is beyond me. This is a must read for science lovers…wait…take that back…this book is for EVERYONE! I think that Carl Sagan writes so well and makes you, not only understand the importance of science, but FEEL the importance of science. Awesome book!


A quick note about this book: it is not very technical, but has great reference notes to certain things that you might not be savvy to (I read the reference notes quite often). There is a lot of history, but it is very interesting and gets tied in very well to the point of each chapter and the overall theme of the book.

Carl Sagan takes you back to the very beginning of when science was first started by humans and how its helped us advance as a species. That parts a given, but it’s the underlying message. He is able to let the reader understand what science has done for us, why we humans are living at a special time in the universe’s history, and why we should continue pursuing our interests in cosmos. But we should be doing this as Humans, collectively as the one’s to “speak for Earth.”

This is a book that I recommend for anyone and everyone.


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