“The Next Great Generation”

Unstoppable by Bill Nye. A really great book, with a great message that is inspirational…


This book is such a fun read. If you’ve watched videos of Bill Nye, not just when he was The Science Guy, but when he’s on a science panel or a debate, you’ll notice his sense of humor. Well, that humor comes through in this book making it very enjoyable to read. I found myself snickering all the time reading this book. Just as a note, the book does get a little technical with some of the science and technology that Mr. Nye describes, but he does it in a very easy-to-follow way. Anyways, that’s just one reason that made this book so enjoyable, but it was also the message and how he puts forth that message about making change…because we humans are changing our planet Earth…and not for the better.

The book is about climate change, and he makes a case for many different ways (technology/science) that are already existing that can help “dare I say it, change the world.” And he challenges this generation, “The Next Great Generation” to be the onset to  solve the worlds problems.

Just like how I learned when I was in the Navy, don’t just say there’s a problem, you also have to come up with a solution. That’s what this book does exactly, but these are just options or first steps in solving our Earthly problem. There may be a person out there with the one idea to solve our water problems or our world hunger problems and even climate change.

Read this book, it will make you feel like you can do your part, so do it! My first personal step, is to get my bike tuned up and start using it more often as a real main source for my commuting (as opposed to my daily carbon dioxide emitting vehicle).

If we all do something, no matter how small, I believe it all adds up. And the more we do, the more we become “Unstoppable.”

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