Red Hill Coffee Shop

Good old cup of joe…cup of java…


As you can see by the mug, I visited and ate at the Red Hill Coffee Shop. Did I EAT!


When looking at the menu I was a little surprised at the price (this was a little less than $11 USD). But this was a local diner and I wanted to try try it out, plus my brother was the one who read up about this place on Yelp, so it was a must since he wanted to try it too. But when my omelette came out, I was not surprised at all by the price. It was definitely 11 dollars worth of food.

This particular dish was the Red Hill omelette, and since it was my first time here and I didn’t know what to order, I thought it would be a good first choice to go with the dish named after the place. The diner itself, or coffee shop, is a humble place that reminds of the 1950s. It definitely has that old diner feel and even has some signs on the walls to add to that nostalgic feeling. Despite the limited seating, it was a packed house with people lined up outside. Always a good sign.

Anyways, service was good and the food was decent. My omelette consisted of cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, and ham. The avocado was an add-on 😉 The bit of hash browns you see poking out on top, do not be fooled, it was all underneath the omelette.

Ever in town, drop by. Hours are from 6:30am to 1:00pm most days of the week.

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