The Sand Witch

If you find yourself in Upland and have a hankering for a good sandwich, this is
the spot…


…I’m sitting almost at one corner of the place, so this is about as big as it gets. It’s a small local spot that has delicious sandwiches. And if you could’t tell from the name of the place, it has a halloween type theme. For example, my sandwich was called the “White Cat”, my brother’s sandwich was called the “Dragon’s Egg”, my sister’s sandwich was called “The Coven.” But as you can see it’s not all decked out with halloween paraphernalia, so I think that adds to this spots charm (it’s only things here and there like a skeleton figurine in the bathroom). Anyways, here’s my sandwich…


…the White Cat, which consisted of sliced turkey, avocado, cheddar cheese and a bread that had jalapeño hits in it. It was tasty…and…my family also really like their sandwiches too!

Upland, CA. If you’re in town…Go.

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