Everyone Loves Baco….Wait A Minute!


Heating up some STRIPPLES. The vegetarian’s bacon…but really it’s for anyone. Me, I am a part-time vegetarian.


This is my breakfast. A little on the Asian side since I’m eating it with some instant brown rice (always got to have my rice!).

Stripples is a bacon substitute that most vegetarians will know about. I can’t really say that it is on par with bacon. It may look like bacon, but it definitely has it’s own taste and texture. With that said, this is still one of my favorite meat substitute products. It’s just as versatile as bacon. You can put it on a sandwich, eat it with rice, with eggs, with anything!

I must say before you go out and possibly try it out, it is a meat substitute and if you are not familiar with these kinds of foods, it may be off putting to you. Like most things, taste is acquired and sometimes it just takes a few tries to get use to.

Get out there and go Vegetarian for a day or two….or full-time. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Baco….Wait A Minute!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but I seriously was thinking of a way to describe it. Give me a little more time and I’ll be sure to give you a better description other than the lame ones I’m coming up with right now. Lol. Thanks so much!!!

    2. So Stripples are a texutred soy protein concentrate. If you have had tofu it does have that sort of “silky” texture to it. If you’ve had cooked tofu in a soup and can imagine it being as thin as a bacon strip, I’d say its comparable. Of course frying it or heating it up over the stove will change it to a bit stiffer, but it will still melt in the mouth. It definitely will not “chew” like bacon.

      I hope that helps and doesn’t confuse or stop you from trying. Food is always an adventure!

      Thank you!!!!

    1. Awesome! So glad to hear your up for trying vegetarian. Many benefits to it that I’m sure you are well aware…even if a person decides just to go part-time vegetarian 😉 And YES! I absolutely agree with you that it can be easier on the stomach.

      Thanks so much!!!

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