Coffee Cake At Carolyn’s Cafe


Best coffee cake you will ever have. Period!

You can find this mouth drooling, taste bud pleasing, “I’ll take another slice” coffee cake at Carolyn’s Cafe In Redlands, CA.

A little about the restaurant, it is like a small diner and will be packed during brunch, but worth the wait, and not just for their food, but for the coffee cake. It’s in a very tiny plaza (about 3 shops) and is like finding a diamond in the rough.

So, you must, I repeat, you must get the coffee cake if you find your way to this spot. It’s moist, always freshly made, so it comes out hot and that’s why the copious amounts of butter on top melts it’s way into every bite.

A must.

Side note, the coffee cake is very popular and you can buy a whole cake if you order ahead. So good!

4 thoughts on “Coffee Cake At Carolyn’s Cafe

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