El RinconSito | Washington State

If you are from Southern California or have really been around the area, you must know that SoCal probably has the best Mexican food you can find anywhere and I stand by this. Haha. Since moving to Washington I have tried to find similar Mexican food to what I was used to back in SoCal, but everything I tried never came close. It was only until recently when this Mexican restaurant popped up in my little city that changed everything…well maybe not everything, but finally a spot I can go to when I’m craving some of that good stuff.

I was parked pretty much right up to the front door so this is the angle I got of the front of the restaurant.
Here is my 4 taco meal. I had 2 asada and 2 chicken tacos. Bomb-dizzle! The chicken had a bit of a chipotle flavor to it, which was so good.
My wife ordered the mulitas and since this first visit we have been back several times and I have also ordered the mulitas. I’m probably going to be ordering these every time we go now. Inside was asada, cheese, guacamole, pico de Gallo, and probably some other stuff. Just soooo goooood!
And of course, as if we didn’t have enough food, me and my wife split an asada quesadilla. Delicious!

As per the website of El RinconSito, I believe this was founded in the state of Washington. In a believer of buying local, this makes the restaurant even better. There are others around the state as well. This is the go to spot and if your in Washington the is a must if you’re feeling Mexican.

Hope you enjoyed!

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