Dochi | Seattle, WA | International District

So the Japanese/Asian market we usually go to is Uwajimaya in Seattle and we needed some groceries and since Dochi opened up, we had to go and try it to. Dochi is found in the food court of Uwajimaya in the Chinese International District.

Here’s the view of the line. We were in the back and it really wasn’t that long. The Dochi shop does look like a pop up and I asked if this was a permanent spot; they said for now it is.
The box. It deserved a photo by itself because it’s such a pretty box. Don’t you agree?
Here are the Japanese Mochi Donuts. We got one flavor of each! Apologies because I don’t remember all the flavors, but you can see an Ube, Oreo match, cinnamon toast crunch, and a chocolate donut. They were all Duh-licious!

If you find yourself in Seattle, I would say this is definitely a spot you should consider visiting. There was a little hype over these donuts and for good reason. Me personally, I like flavors not to overwhelming and more on the subtle side and these absolutely meet that criteria. Also they are soft as heck! Go and get some mochi donuts from Dochi.

Hope you enjoyed.

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