Miyabi Sushi | Tukwila, WA

So my wife is Japanese and so we are always in search of a good Japanese restaurant and for that reason, it took us to this spot called Miyabi Sushi.

Just the viewpoint from our table. We sat almost at the front of the shop so you can get an idea of how big the place is. Just over yonder past the table divider is the sushi bar towards the back.
Here’s the menu.
Our appetizers. On the left is fried oysters and on the right are croquettes. Fried anything is typically good, but these were delicious!
A close up of the croquettes. Loved ’em!
Tempura! Can’t go wrong with tempura.
This was my main dish. I got a bento box with the salmon on the top right side. Standard, but oh-so-good.

Since my wife is the native Japanese, she has the expertise and gets to give it the approval or not and…it gets her approval! So, if you’re ever in the Tukwila, WA area and looking for some good Japanese food, this is the spot to go to and get your far East eating on.

Hope you enjoyed!

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