Wagner’s European Bakery & Cafe | Olympia, WA

So I had an appointment out in Olympia and since we had to make it out there, my wife came along and we went exploring a bit. Someone at my appointment made the recommendation of visiting the Capitol and checking out Wagner’s…and so we did. Let’s start of with a little tour of the Capitol Campus…

The view of the Capitol building from where we parked.

Another view as we walked around the lake that sits right next to the Capitol building.

Yes, another view of the Capitol building. It was actually very cool to walk around inside and see where the House and Senate reside.

Just another view point of the lake from the Capitol building from atop the hill.

We’re getting warmer….it’s the store front the the Bakery & Cafe.

And here’s the food…alas! The top sandwich is a bacon and grilled chicken panini and the the bottom is a turkey avocado one. These were very good sandwiches and filling. They both came with the fruit cup and the cake. My wife added a soup to hers.

The obligatory close up of my sandwich.

And of course another one.

If you’re in Olympia and visiting the Capitol Campus, you should consider going to visit this spot. Once again, it came recommended and it was not a let down.

…and yes, there is a bakery in the corner of the shop. However, we did not partake, but it did look like there were a lot of options for some baked goodies.

Hope you enjoyed!

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