Great State Burger: Breakfast Edition | Seattle, WA

So this is Great State Burger round two. We went early to the University of Washington to go see their quad that is filled with Sakura trees (post on that to come soon). By the time we were done with that it was still breakfast, but we were hankering for burgers after walking around that huge campus. We saw that Great State Burger (GBS) was open at 9:30AM and thought we could get ourselves some burgers, but it was breakfast only. Just so you know, the last GBS we were at didn’t serve breakfast so, we didn’t know they served breakfast. However, we did think it was an odd hour for a burger joint to open up. Ha! Anyways, I’ve rambled on too long. Here it is…

The breakfast menu! I’d say from this picture you’re already seeing half of the restaurant, it was a small spot.

Our order.

A close up of the Egg, Cheese, and Pure Country Pork Sausage.

A few bites into it. Delicious!

A close up of the Egg, Cheese, and Hempler’s Bacon. Looks burnt, cause it was, but it still was tasty. Plus I like my bacon extra crispy.

Again, a few bites in. I’d get either one of these sandwiches again, but that Pure Country Pork Sausage was bomb dot com.

Breakfast of Champions.

Hope you enjoyed!

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