Ruth’s Chris Steak House

So my coworker loves food just as much as I do. However, I must say her taste is a bit more upscale than my preferred food trucks. Anyways, she wanted to celebrate her birthday at this spot out in Palm Desert, California…Ruth’s Chris Steak House…

Just outside the restaurant in the parking lot. This is the side of the restaurant.

This is the what you see in the center of the formal dining area. So fancy. So artsy.

Part of the  formal dining area. I didn’t visit the other half, but I believe it is a bar and also a dining area.

The Menu.

Tomato and crab soup. Very nice starter.

They serve their steaks and chicken on piping hot plates. As you can see the butter that this chicken was swimming in was still sizzling. The chicken was stuffed with cheese, by the way. Mouth was in overload. So good!

and yes I know…it’s a steak house, but I did not get the steak. I will say that I tried a bite of someone else’s ribeye and it was glorious.

Lobster mac & cheese.

Banana fosters cheesecake. Just yum. Nothing but deliciousness.

So the food here was excellent, but the caveat is…this spot is ex-pen-sive! If you’re feeling fancy, this spot is a nice place to go to if you every find yourself in the Palm Desert or Palm Springs area in Cali.

Hope you enjoyed!

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