Goodwill. Goodbye

I think that the first step you should try doing is selling your things and stuff. I’ve done the eBay thing and still doing it. Also, with my sneaker collection I used Kixify. It’s a good thing that we get a little money on our minimalist journey.

We are trying to minimize, but at also trying to maximize at the same time.

But sometimes it’s quite difficult to sell out old and used things. There may not really be a market out there on the internet, but there’s always someone out there that will get joy out of the stuff that use to bring us joy…Goodwill.

I love Goodwill and frequent it often (of course less and less as my things become less and less. Ha!). But just because we are donating our stuff doesn’t mean we don’t get anything back. We may not get the money, but at least we can have the thought of someone else getting value out of whatever it is that we donated. That in itself is noteworthy.

Goodbye things!

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