Star Crab

For those of us who love food and also like to get our hands dirty, these types of restaurants are for you! This restaurant called Star Crab and they serve seafood in a plastic bag marinating in spices. You just grab what you want and leave the shells on your paper covered table . It’s awesome!

(I added some “aftermath” pictures. We were grubbing!)

The food is excellent and the restaurant has that hole-in-the-wall type of atmosphere and feel (probably that’s because it is). The service was great, the food came out quick, and they had TV’s all over playing the game. However, when we first got there it was slow, we were there maybe around 5 pm on a weekday and maybe as 6 pm was coming closer the place got packed! The line was out the door and the place was popping.

If you ever find yourself in Riverside, California and in the mood for some seafood, I’d go to Star Crab. Don’t be misled by the smallness of this restaurant because it pack a big heap of good seafood.

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