Everything Tastes Better With Cheese


Cheese bibimbap!!

One of my favorite Korean dishes is bibimbap. It’s rice and veggies with a little meat and a fried egg. Can’t get anymore of a complete meal than that. Plus, it’s served in a hot stone pot that can add a little crisp to the rice, so it’s a treat within a treat!

Now that I’ve got the bibimbap part out of the way, it’s time for the cheese! I can’t be to sure as to what kind of cheese was put on top, but it is similar to the cheese they put on top of your average pizza. This added a totally new flavor to a dish I already love. I liked it! With this specific dish in the picture it as a little to cheesy for me, to quite honest, but in the end it was still delicious.

I got this during my travels to Seoul, Korea, but I’m sure you can get this at your local Korean restaurant.

I would recommend you to try this dish out, especially if you are a cheese lover. Then again, who isn’t?

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