Love Letter Pizza & Chicken


The Bulgogi Pizza!

I’ve been to this spot several times and this is the pizza that I always order. It is delicious! Its thin crust so, it’s not as filling as a deep dish. This means you can probably eat a whole pizza by yourself if your appetite is up there.

The name is a bit deceiving only because its bulgogi, but it doesn’t taste like the bulgogi you might get at a typical Korean restaurant. Just by the picture, it looks more like a supreme pizza,which I would say it is most comparable to. However the toppings include corn. It is not overly used, but it does add an extra flavor that I find very complementary to the overall pizza.

Side note: The fried chicken is also delicious. They cut up an entire chicken and fry it all up. So when you get the basket of chicken, there may be pieces you might be wondering what part of the chicken it comes from; especially if you’re use to the bucket of chicken at KFC. As for the the place itself, it is quite small and you can miss it. It is in a very small plaza so you have to keep a look out. Inside is kind of a tight space, but the feel is cozy and intimate (probably why the name). Also, they have a big screen television that usually has sports playing.

If you find yourself in Rowland Heights, CA and have a hankering for pizza and chicken, swing by. I recommend getting both pizza and chicken. You will enjoy, guaranteed.

2 thoughts on “Love Letter Pizza & Chicken

    1. That would be awesome! If you do end up going, please let me know how it goes. I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this spot. Thank you!!

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