…And I’m Proud To Be An Amer…Korean


A South Korean soldier (I’m assuming that is his occupation) was singing outside of the mall and yelling things out at the top of his lungs. His family (another assumption) was in front of him watching and cheered him on after his rant. It was a cool thing to see because everyone around acted as if this was normal and also cheered him on at the end.

2 thoughts on “…And I’m Proud To Be An Amer…Korean

  1. Wow!! That guy is a marine!!!

    All able bodied men performed their military and so did I.

    In the case of marines, after they finished their 2year service, they come to see their family and sing for them, sayging that they are ready commt themselves to becoming a good son..

    Those guys are real men!!

    1. That’s awesome that we got to see that!!! Thank you so much for the information. Much appreciated.

      And I agree. Some of my military buddies have done training with ROK Marines and said they were the toughest guys they’ve ever trained with.

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