DSLReview part II…sort of

So, for my last overseas trip to China, I had brought my Pentax K-5 IIs DSLR (for those that may not know, it’s those big, cool looking cameras that can switch out lenses). It was a 2 week trip and I had it with me everywhere and shot many wonderful pictures.


In short, this China trip gave me more insight into my style of photography and what my needs are in a camera for my style.

Two issues with my DSLR:

1. It was cumbersome to shoot with all day.
2. There were situations where silence was wanted and my camera was just to dang noisy when shooting and focusing.

This led to my most recent camera purchase…


…for my recent Japan adventure, all I brought was my Fuji x100s. Just what I needed. Here are some of the reasons why…

1. Small and compact
2. Super quiet
3. FUN to shoot

In my recent post I eluded to how it could possibly replace my DSLR.


Although my Fuji is my go to camera, my Pentax will always be my work horse.


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