Waste of Time


This is just a quick collage of some of the pictures I post on http://www.500px.com/laespidol84 (just a little plug. haha.)

Anyways, I don’t know what it is about photography that makes it so enjoyable to capture random moments in time. Who knows, but that is a brings to light a whole new question. A very huge question that is fundamental to life….

…What is time?

I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos about time, mainly one’s from NOVA or those that are featuring string theorist Brian Greene or physicist Lawrence Krauss, and they are absolutely fascinating and mind boggling.

One aspect of time that really caught my attention was that mathematically, going back in time is possible, but finding the type of energy to do so in reality is a different story.

I guess the only way to go back in time for now is to look through the old photo albums…

…photography is my time machine.

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