Home Sw(F)eet Home


This is a picture of the few random pairs of slippers all over the house.

It truly is the “small things” that make your house a home and slippers are definitely one if my “small things.”

Slippers to me represent comfort, carelessness, and culture.

Comfort: home should be where you’re most comfortable. I don’t have to put in work shoes or even sneakers and socks. I can air out my dogs!

Carelessness: when I wear work shoes or sneakers it’s cause I have to care. Have to look professional or sneakers to match my shirt (yeah, I’m one of those).

Culture: I’m filipino/Asian and wearing shoes in the house is a big no no. So, what do we wear around the house…you guessed it…slippers!

Slippers. Puts the “sweet” in Home Sweet Home.

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