Art’s my name. Don’t wear it out.

Hong Kong , Tsim Sha Tsui

Yes, I know. My pose could not get any cheesier. This was taken in Hong Kong’s shopping center/mall that is full of artwork. Anyways, I was reminiscing over this picture, but started to really take a look at the words on a deeper level. “In art we live.” I think these four words have so much meaning.

When it comes to daily living, each one of us can just go about our business (work, school, family, etc.), but when are we truly enjoying ourselves? Don’t get me wrong, I have fun with my family, I have a blast with my friends, I enjoy my work…I hate school (haha!). What I mean is something a little more beyond having a good time.

I guess the word “art” to me are those moments when the world sinks to the background and our emotions come to the foreground. When do these moments happen you ask? For me, it’s when I’m playing my piano, singing my heart out (karaoke nerd!), or shooting photos. It’s at theses times that I feel in tuned with myself mentally and spiritually (my Om, my meditation), more so than enjoying a dinner with a loved one (either case I’m very happy). For someone else “art” might mean working on your car, dancing, eating, cooking, really anything that makes you more in tune with…you.

Now that I am writing this, it is making me realize how fortunate I am to be able to “live.” There are struggles all over the world and many people are just trying to get from one day to the next.

In_______we live. How would You fill in the blank?

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