“Something From Nothing”

Recently I have been consumed by the world of physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. When I say consumed, I’ve been mostly watching debates and lectures on YouTube, but I have read a couple of books by Richard Dawkins (I know, he is an evolutionary biologist), Lawrence Krauss (with which my title stems from; his new book), and Brian Greene. Listening and reading what these gentlemen have to say about the origins of our universe just absolutely blow my mind. In addition to these scientist, I also follow the ever so popular Neil Degrasse Tyson:)
One thing that is just so “mind blasting” (Russell Peters. LOL) is that what these men are presenting about the origins of our universe have all come from mathematics….MATHEMATICS! Now that takes passion.
So on that note, we might not have all the answers to how our universe came about, but we are working on it and getting closer to the answer. We might not always find what we are passionate about, but keep exploring and stay curious and you will eventually get there. It may seem like there is “nothing”, but “something” will catch. I hope and know something will one day.

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