Community Going Extinct

Today one of my professors brought up the book “Bowling Alone” by Putnam. He mentioned that the book was about community, relationships, and how we are becoming very isolated. With the growing isolation in our society, can democracy be sustained; this is the argument the book presents, according to my professor.

Well, this got me thinking about another book I read before and just how important community is. With everyone becoming more isolated through all this technology, we lose trust in our fellow man and it becomes easier to see things in an “us versus them” way.

Honestly, when was last time you talked to your neighbor or ever took the time to know your neighbors. Is the random and very brief meetings you have with your neighbor as they go to work the new meaning of community?

I think I’ll end this here and go find out what kind of people live around me and let them know what kind of person I am. I believe promoting a building strong communities would solve many social problems today, but like any relationship, it’s going to take work.

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