Be like water?

It was kind of weird earlier this week, out of the blue, one of my classmates asked me, “so if you were dietitian, what would you be doing instead. Pretty random for the situation, but my answer was pretty automatic; it was, “pre med, I would want to go to medical school.” I didn’t think much of it until I visited a friend of mine later that day.

I am content with my path of studying nutrition and food sciences and trying to become a registered dietitian, but that random question my classmate asked me has been lingering ever since. So, at my friends house, we usual talk about philosophy, life in general, each others lives and what’s going on, politics, etc. So, the subject about what we want to do with our lives naturally came up. Now I have confused feelings and thoughts about the choices I’ve made and the choices I’m going to have to make in the very near future.

I’m positive my situation is not a unique one and there are hundreds of people going through  or have been through the same thing. I just wanted to post this to help organize my thoughts and feelings. I feel that situations outside myself are forcing me to finish school, get a job, and work right away. On the inside, I want to further my education and fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a doctor. I know I can make the best of either choices and be happy, but I just don’t know what I really want.

I guess I’ll just take a page out of the dao de jing and be like water  just got with the flow.

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