I’ve posted about this snack before, but I’m revisiting it because I recently went to Uwajimaya (Japanese grocery store) and ran into this (below). It made this post “2.0” because the packaging is different. This snack use to come in cups, kind of like cup of noodles, but now the are in resealable bags. Plus, this was a flavor I haven’t tried before, so let’s go….

The new packaging. JagaRico use to come in like cups or maybe more like instant noodle of noodle type packaging, but now they come in this new resealable packages. Cool! Not that I would ever need to reseal this snack.
The goods. Tastes just like nori/seaweed and kinda like soy sauce. It’s good. Not my favorite, but still so good.

Jagarico is my all time favorite snack!

On a quick note, for me, the resealable bag is useless. I’ll finish the bag every time, all the time. Ain’t nobody saving it for later. Hahaha!

Hope you enjoyed!

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