Bugging Out

So becoming a minimalist has led me down other paths. Not sure how, but I’ve been doing a lot of “survival” research. Things like if a huge natural disaster were to happen type deal. Now I want to be prepared for such a situation and create a bag that would have all the essential gear […]

Giving Up Routines

Going on my Spending Fast/Minimalist journey, I too gave up a morning routine that involved some type of coffee shop. I would either go to Starbucks or the local donut shop and grab my morning breakfast. It wasn’t every morning, but I must admit it was most days of the week. I was spending anywhere […]

Why I Ditched Social Media and Never Looked Back — And Then We Saved

I saw this article just now and right before, I decided to download instagram on my iPhone. I recently was also trying to be a digital minimalist by only having it on my iPad, which I leave at home. This would prevent me from mindlessly thumbing through pictures throughout the day…and it worked! Not sure […]