Vegetarian Cavemen

A little background first… Over a year ago, I was required to take a philosophy class, I chose Eastern philosophy. The class was about Confucianism, Dao De Jing, Mohism, and Buddhism. Normally, for any class I take, I try and absorb the material as best I can and then utilize the new knowledge whenever applicable. […]

Be like water?

It was kind of weird earlier this week, out of the blue, one of my classmates asked me, “so if you were dietitian, what would you be doing instead. Pretty random for the situation, but my answer was pretty automatic; it was, “pre med, I would want to go to medical school.” I didn’t think […]

Who’s to say?

I hope everyone had a safe and excellent Memorial Day weekend!! Well, one if the events of my weekend was attending my friend’s niece’s baptism party and who would have guessed, religion became a topic of conversation between me and another guest. It was a friendly one, but then a comment was made that got […]